Monday, 4 March 2013

Hey Matthew here and just an alert that I won't be posting on Friday through Monday this week
because I will be in the U.S.A. Anyways I will be starting a lets play on Minecraft (link here) and maybe
some walkthroughs of maps and a tutorial on MC Downgrader. Also, look out for my unboxing and reviews of various products (like Light Strike)(link here). So that's pretty much it. Matthew Signing Off

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Introduction Post

Hi Matthew here and if you are reading this then you are on the homepage of my Blog.I have a sister named Grace,you can Check out her Blog at Here are some notable things about me:  1 I like playing Laser tag.You can go to my favorite laser tag system site Here; 2 I play a 3D Sandbox called Minecraft, the link is Here; and 3 I'm 9 years Old.

I have some good friends in my class like Kale and Noah.

I like to play Puzzle games like Portal 2

and this is my Blog,Matthew's Magnificent Blog.